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Phone: 418 997.3025

Fax: 581 500.3701


After having practised with large and medium law firms, Ms. Guylaine Lacerte established her business and developed an innovative business model that offers her clientele a direct source of varied professional services which she supervises and coordinates. This approach not only allows her clients to obtain services that are out of her primary field of competence, but it also ensures that their expectations and objectives are met.

Known for her efficacy, her creativity in finding practical solutions and her ability to quickly understand and take charge of a case, Guylaine plays a key role for her clients as she creates a strong and lasting partnership with them.

While supported by a group of legal consultants, Guylaine principally works in the areas of labour and employment law, civil law and administrative law. She mainly represents employers, and her law firm fully covers all the aspects of this field of expertise and more. (click here to know more about this)

Guylaine was called to the Québec Bar in 2006. She also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law (LL. B.) from Université Laval in 2005 and a certificate in administration in 2008 from the University of Calgary.


Passionate about sports and training, Guylaine also specialized throughout the years in sports law. Her presence and involvement in the sports community enabled her to build an important client and business network and allowed her to manage the legal cases of the North American Hockey League (NAHL).

Guylaine is also involved with the newcomers in the sector and supports their initiatives, mainly those from the Department of Law of Université Laval and the Business Administration students of Champlain St. Lawrence College.

Her interpersonal skills and her ability to communicate in front of an audience allows Guylaine to offer and participate in conferences and training courses, particularly on labour and employment law issues.


2008 – Administration Certificate, University of Calgary

2006 – Licence to practise law, Barreau du Québec

2005 – Bachelor’s Degree in Law, LL. B., Université Laval


Since 2020 – Member of the advisory committee of Bloom Communications

Since 2016 – Member of the Board of Directors of Patro de Lévis

Since 2019 – Member of the Sports Lawyers Association

Since 2010 – Member of the Canadian Bar Association

From 2016 to 2017 – Member of the organizing committee of the Cyclo-Défi IUCPQ


2021Training to federally regulated clients on: Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations.

2020  – Conference offered to neurologists and family physicians with epileptic patients in Québec during the JAQUE (Journée Annuelle Québecoise de l’Épilepsie). Les enjeux légaux liés au travail auxquels les patients épileptiques et leurs employeurs peuvent être exposés (The work-related legal issues that epileptic patients and their employers may be facing).

2015 – Via Prévention Seminar. Dépistage d’alcool et de drogues en milieu de travail (Alcohol and Drug Testing at the Workplace) (In French only).

2014 – Conference on the rights and obligation of truckers in the workplace in collaboration with CCH. Les différences entre un salarié, un sous-traitant, un chauffeur d’agence et un chauffeur inc. (The differences between an employee, a subcontractor, an agency trucker and an independent trucker) (In French only)

2011-2014 – Clients training on subjects such as Harassment in the Workplace, Reasonable Notice and Workplace Investigation.


2012-2016 – Rousse, Jacques et al. (2013) Human Resources PolicyPro, Quebec Edition. Concord: La Référence.

2015 – Lacerte, Guylaine.  E-Cigarettes in the Workplace. Available through this link  (in french only)

2015 – Lacerte, Guylaine. Medicinal Use of Marijuana in the Workplace. Available through this link (in french only)

2014 – Fortier, Julie C., Lacerte, Guylaine.  Wal-Mart has to compensate its former Jonquière employees. Available through this link (in french only)

2007 – VILLENEUVE J et al. (2007) Précis de droit professionnel.  Cowansville : Les Éditions Yvon Blais inc., 445 p.